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All release tags are signed, and release packages are also signed. Always check signatures prior using this software.


Until v2.5.0, all tags and release packages (repo bundles, python packages, etc.) are signed with both GPG and minsign. Afterwards, only minisign is used, so gpg is finally deprecated.

However, using minisign is not immediately easy: the lack of integrations makes it a bit tedious, but it is worth it.

For example, given that there is no standard in git for signing with other than GPG (actually, OpenPGP), and that minisign is relatively young, the solution was to use git notes to store the minisign signature. So, git tag objects are signed with minisign, and the signature is stored as a git note for that tag.

Additionally, since minisign signatures are wonderfully compact, I decided to include some extra information (metadata) as a trusted comment (a comment that is also signed, and thus it is trusted), such as the signature timestamp, the thing being signed (git object hash or file name), the public key used for signing (which is also wonderfully compact), and the signer's email address.

Verifying signatures with minisign


Use inv verify-tag <tag name> to verify a git tag, and inv verify-file <file name> to verify a signed file.

To verify a git tag signature with minisign, you need to extract the signature into a file for minisign to check it. This process is simplified using the script from the git-minisign project, which is included in this project's repo. Run: ./git-minisign/sh/ -T <tag name>, or alternatively inv verify-tag <tag name>.

To verify a file signature, run minisign -Vm <file>, where file is the file you want to verify, which must be accompanied by the signature file with extension .minisig (in the same directory).
The public key file used to sign is in this project's repo as If you are checking a signature outside the repo's directory, point minisign to the public key file: minisign -Vm <file> -p /path/to/blake2signer/ Alternatively, use the public key value directly minisign -Vm <file> -P <pubkey>.

Current public key: RWRcT0IUOJ7kj6AFLyI3pHmT6dhr+WN8C2FR6HguMmEK0MnsSImqSmjg.

Verifying signatures with GPG


Use git tag --verify <tag name> to verify a git tag, and gpg --verify <signature file> to verify a signed file.

To verify a git tag signature with GPG, given that it is integrated into git, just run git tag --verify <tag name>.

To verify a file signature, run gpg --verify <signature file>, where signature file may have an extension such as .sig or .asc. Make sure that the file in question, and the signature file, are in the same directory.

Current public key: 5D05EA4EA22F4142A0FEC764292D1CD6560BEABA.